NaNo Stats

NaNo Stats is an easy plugin downloadable from the plugin directory that will allow you to show NaNoWriMo stats on your website, using easy shortcodes. For example, following shortcode produces the chart beneath (if you’re checking this out but it’s not November yet, the chart’s empty, obviously).

[nanostats width=600 height=350 username=chris-baty]

Also, there are some widgets available, like:

[nanowidget_participant showwords=true showpercent=true]
NaNoWriMo Participant Widget

I made some documentation pages to show you how these awesome stats can be added to your site:

  1. Downloading and installing the NaNoWriMo Stats plugin
  2. The Settings page
  3. How to use shortcodes
  4. Adding charts to your site
  5. Adding widgets to your site

Green product
No animals were harmed during development and testing of this plugin.