Adding widgets to your site

Now there are a lot of widgets made by NaNoWriMo supported by the NaNoWriMo Stats plugin that you can show on your site! This can be done using shortcodes (follow this link if you don’t know what they are or how they’re used).

First of all, let’s have a look at the variables. They can be used for all widgets:

  • showpercent: set to true if you want to see a percentage of your goal
  • showdays: set to true if you want to see which day of the month it is
  • showwords: set to true if you want the widget to display your wordcount
  • goal: give it a number to override the standard 50.000 words goal
  • username: override the default username setting (only for participant, calendar, progress and wordwar)
    region: override the default region setting (only for regionstatus and regionwar)

One of the variables showpercent, showdays and showwords should be set to true in order for the widget to show up!

Some examples

[nanowidget_participant showwords=true]
NaNoWriMo Participant Widget
[nanowidget_calendar showdays=true showpercent=true]
NaNoWriMo Calendar Widget
[nanowidget_progress showdays=true showpercent=true showwords=true goal=100000 username=chris-baty]
NaNoWriMo Progress Widget

In word wars, you can add usernames using variables username1, username2, etc.

[nanowidget_wordwar showpercent=true username1=chris-baty username2=lindsey-grant]
NaNoWriMo WordWar Widget
[nanowidget_regionstatus showwords=true]
NaNoWriMo RegionStatus Widget

If you give the widget less than two usernames or regions in a wordwar, the default region is added.

[nanowidget_regionwar showwords=true region1=europe-germany]
NaNoWriMo RegionWar Widget

And at last, there is this plain-text widget:


Only the variable username is affective on this one.

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