Downloading and Installing

On this page, the download & install actions are described for the NaNo Stats plugin I built.

At the start, there are two options: you can either download the file from the site and upload in manually to your own site, or you can download and install it directly from your wordpress control panel. I recommend the automatic way from the control panel, since it is way easier.

If you encounter problems or have anything else to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • From the Control Panel
    1. Go to the control panel of your wordpress site and go to plugins -> add new.
    2. In the searchbox, type “NaNo Stats” and hit the search button.
      You will be shown a list of plugins that match “NaNo Stats”. At the moment of writing, that’s just mine.
    3. Find the plugin called NaNo Stats made by Camil Staps. Click install to download and install the plugin. After that, activate the plugin by clicking the activate plugin link.
    4. Congratulations, your NaNo Stats are ready to use!
  • Manually
    What you’re going to do is downloading the files, uploading them to your webserver via FTP and activate the plugin from your control panel. Please do only use this way if you know what you’re doing and if the easier way doesn’t work.

    1. Go to the NaNo Stats plugin in the wordpress plugin directory. Hit download. You will download a zip-file with the contents of my plugin.
    2. Extract the zip-folder to some folder on your pc.
    3. Login to your web server using FTP and get to the wp-content/plugins directory. Upload the nano-stats folder from the zip-file here.
    4. The hard part is over, now go to your wordpress control panel and get to plugins -> installed plugins. A list of plugins you installed will be shown. Scroll down to the NaNo Stats plugin and hit activate.
    5. All done! Your NaNo Stats are ready to use!

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