How to use Shortcodes

This is just a general introduction to wordpress shortcodes. If you’re looking for adding charts or widgets to your page, please click on one of these links:

Adding charts to your site
Adding widgets to your site

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a little text that will be replaced by wordpress. WordPress are between square brackets: [ and ]. An example of a short code is:


Using shortcodes is easy: just add them to a post, page or sidebar widget and wordpress (or wordpress plugins) will do the rest. Some shortcodes expect some content:


And then there were variables…

Every shortcode can have variables. It depends on the plugin which variables you have or may give. They are put inside the brackets:

[shortcode var1=hello var2=world]

In case you have a shortcode with content, you only have to add the variables to the opening shortcode:

[shortcode var1=hello var2=world] this is some sample content [/shortcode]

Well, that’s it. Pretty easy, huh?

Now continue reading on how to add NaNoWriMo charts or NaNoWriMo widgets to your site!

For more information on this topic, have a look at the official page.

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